The "isavemyplanet" logo

The image we chose as a symbol of our website "" has a story that we want to tell to the readers.

The figure has been slightly modified from the original, drawn by the artist Claudio Pasqualucci (1988), to illustrate an original idea of Franco Tassi (1985) (formerly Directorof The National Park of Abruzzo - Italy) 

This image was first published on the cover of an essay by Franco Tassi entitled "L'ecosociologia: una nuova disciplina per l'ambiente", (Ecosociology, a new environmental discipline) published by the Ente Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo in 1993 in the series "Studi per la conservazione della natura, n.13".

We have been allowed by the authors to use the image for this website, on a non-profit basis (written consent by Prof. Franco Tassi - january 2006).

This image very effectively synthetizes the idea of centrality of the ecocompatibility thinking in human life.

Indeed, it is ever more important that everybody minds continuously of the environmental consequences of human activities. From the simplest and apparently innocuous everyday actions (like casually throwing away garbage) to the more complex and important ones (like defining the project of a new construction or of a new industrial procedure).

So, let's think always carefully to what we do, by keeping well in mind the biologic and environmental laws governing our planet (the only one in which we can live...).

Why a black background?
We choose a black background for all the pages of this web site, because each computer monitor consumes less energy. A white background corresponds to maximum electrical current needed by a catodic monitor; this means working in favour of the environment. Modern LCD monitors are less demanding in this respect. After all, many countries (and Italy is among these) burn fuel (petrol and coal) to produce electricity.
Less electrical demand equals to less environmental pollution and more energy and money savings.
Think about that, as frequently as you can.