The fate of Earth must be in everybody’s mind. What I do today may contribute to save my planet (better, ‘our’ planet); what I don’t do, or what I do without criterion, may accelerate the ongoing environmental catastrophe and may cause many diseases. Let’s think of that, with intelligence and positive will. If you agree, work with us.

"To the student who asks if Paradise exists, Master Paracelsus answers that Paradise exists and is here in our Earth, but the Hell exists too, and it consists in not realizing that we live in a
(Jorge Luis Borges)

In the contemporary world we are witnessing very fast transformations which are under everyone’s eyes. Such transformations are taking place in many different fields, due to the continuous and strong effects of human activities that modify the natural events through initiatives having sure and immediate advantages, but too often without a preventive and accurate scientific evaluation of the long- and mid-term consequences on the natural equilibria and on the human health.

In the current environmental transformation activities enacted by the humanity, we find therefore many causes of human, animal and plant diseases. One of the largest global phenomena is the climate change we observe, in consequence of fossil fuel use.

Scientific disciplines like Pathology, Ecotoxicology, Endocrinology, Preventive Medicine and Molecular Oncology are studying the causes of disease and are trying to find the best strategies to avoid and prevent the onset of deadly illnesses like cancer and endocrine-metabolic diseases.

Too often, human activities have modified the environment and have created deadly risks for the different forms of life, by developing new opportunities for disease onset and even by causing death of humans themselves. Evident examples of such consequences are the global diffusion of anti-parasite, pesticide (like DDT) and weed-killer agents and of apparently inert substances (like CFCs, chlorofluorocarbides) which have been commercialized and sprayed for years, worldwide.

In the first case (DDT), after short term advantages (mostly in agricultural yields), we have noted progressive and long-term damages on life-cycles of many biological species (mostly sea birds and ocean mammals), but sometimes also severe consequences on human health (long-unknown carcinogenic estrogen-like actions of DDT on mammals, including a possible role in human breast cancer incidence increase). In the second case (CFCs), photochemical mechanisms in the athmosphere caused the decrease of ozone in the high (stratospheric) layers of the athmosphere and to the formation of the so called ‘ozone hole’, causing at least in part the recent rise of average air temperature, for the increase of solar radiation reaching more easily the surface of Earth.

Following these concepts, Mauro Bologna, M.D. and Professor of General Pathology in the University of L'Aquila - Italy - (Departments of Experimental Medicine and Basic and Applied Biology) started delivering in 1999 a course of Environmental Pathology, in the form of a seminar series on such themes and lately in the form of an organic university course for future physicians and biologists.

The Environmental Pathology course is now a basic part of a large series of activities aiming at the broader diffusion of knowledge in the environmental sciences and policies, mostly targeted at the human disease prevention, which involves the publication of  an internet web site (, started in early 2006. This web site arises from cultural activities of Mauro Bologna and of his coworkers and contains data on health consequences of recent environmental changes, and suggestions for environmental health protection and disease prevention. Vast and increasing is the variety of diseases caused by man-induced environmental changes and enacted through psychophysical stress and biochemical distress and pathogenesis.

I SAVE MY PLANET means "I may contribute to save the Earth", the only planet (so-far) available to humanity ... Unless we want to start all-over again on a different planet, since Eart is now irreversibly dying.

If I modify in time my current wrong human behaviour, I may contribute to save the Earth from a terrible destiny and, while I save the planet, by correctly thinking and acting every day, I indeed SAVE MYSELF, MY HEALTH and ensure WELLBEING to my generation and to future generations.

In the web site we illustrate (and periodically update) the teaching and activity projects devloped by us, a group of biomedical scientist acting for non-profit goals and having as a main objective to spread knowledge and to defend human and environmental health in all aspects. Man is part of the ecosystem and must learn (and remember) that environmental equilibria must be protected, since they govern all aspects of living organisms, including human health.

All the forms of life on the planet contribute to the environmental equilibria: man has been able to endanger such equilibria with a large variety of unresponsible activities, which in the last two hundred years or so (since industrial revolution of late XVIII century) have damaged almost irreversibly the long-lasting and universal biological and physicochemical equilibria on a planetary basis.

With better scientific knowledge, to be diffused internationally to the widest possible part of today’s planet inhabitants, and with well planned programs, we hope to give a serious contribution for the safety of our planet, so that we may sincerely say "I saved my planet" or at least "I truthfully worked to save it”, by studying man and nature and suggesting behaviour changes, without private profit, but trying to reaffirm scientific reasons of public and planetary interest, in favour of all forms of life and in order to prevent disasters and diseases.